Optimus Prime 'Alternate Universe' GI Joe Figure

"Prime was one of the many Autobots sent on a mission to retrieve the Matrix of Leadership from across the galaxy. Signals that came from a small planet designated 'Earth' deemed worthy of investigation but he was met with Cobra's hostile forces once his ship entered the atmosphere! Shot down on an alien planet Prime did his best to disguise himself among the human population and soon met up with the Joes, beings of similar humanoid form. With their help Prime can continue his mission and find the Matrix before any Decepticon...or Cobra forces do!"

This figure was made from:

Head: Trigate Creations customs cast
Body: ROC Cobra Commander
Arms: Cobra BAT
Legs: ROC Storm Shadow
Cannon: Iron Man 12" movie figure
Axe arm: BAT claw arm and The Fallen neck blade
Sword arm: VvV BAT sword.
Jacket: Mutt Williams

Optimus Prime.

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