Custom Optimus Prime 'Generation Animation' Transformers

After finding the head to a classics Optimus Prime under my desk (so that's where it went after his arms went to make Shockwave!) I thought to myself it's been a while since I made an Optimus. Of course he needed a body. Searching... searching... A Henkei Inferno caught my eye with the bright red colors, chest windows, and square arms. I removed his toes and blocked out his foot like Prime's using styrene, got rid of his shoulder lights, and Then repainted him with Tamiya spray lacquer. But he was still missing something. Smokestacks! I snagged the gun to classics Prime and modded it to attach to his back. Now he can wear his weapon for a more G1 look or fire it. The extra black detailing on him and cannon in the back reminds me of the Animated Prime as well, that and him being a fire/rescue vehicle. So here's Generation Animation Prime.

Custom Optimus Prime

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