Custom 'Final Battle' Optimus Prime Transformers Movie Figure

Remember the beating that prime took at the end of the Transformers movie? Well I've recreated that in gory (well, for a robot, hah!) detail here with my 'Final Battle' Optimus Prime figure. I basically took a Voyager Optimus prime, carefully mapped out the dings/nicks/dents, then carved them in with my Dremel, and gave him a really complex paint job. There's shading, highlights, mud splatters, oil splatters, scuff marks, blast damage marks, and all the fun stuff. I added in little flames where I could too like on his doors and waist armor. Prime now has a ball-jointed neck thanks to a Minicon balljoint, a removable gun-hand made from a Dirty Pair weapon, and the accursed 'cab backpack' now comes off in robot mode! You have to carve the metal pin out of the joint on his back so now the cab just snaps into place via the octagonal peg. So here's Prime at his worst, enjoy!

To get the cab off his back, dremel a small channel as shown here. Then pull the cab off and remove the pin. The cab still snaps on to his back via the octagonal plug and stays there in vehicle mode.