Decepticon Cobra Rattler

"Crashing through the night comes a fearful cry, Decepticons, Decepticons!" What do you mean that's not how the song goes? Ok, but in this case it works! Powerglide has been turned into a Decepticon Cobra Rattler this time around. The base figure is of course Universe Powerglide with a new rear turret from an energon Sharkticon and missiles/guns from some Sigma 6 weapons. He was given a brand new paint job with all sorts of realistic weathering/grime that you'd get from flying through battle constantly. I opted for a red faceplate because it matches what Cobra soldiers wear and really stands out against the blue-black color scheme. The Decepticon symbols came from and Cobra Air Force from

Here's hoping some GI Joe/Transformers crossover figures are in the works some day. We already have Marvel/Transformers.