Custom PLAGUESTOR, Masters of the Universe Classics original character!

"The creature known as Plaguestor wasn't always a minion of Hordak's. He was once a prosperous witch doctor who healed the sick in his avian tribe. One day he dabbled in black magic trying to save one of his kin only to have the spell warp and twist his form, absorbing the disease as part of himself. Cast out from his village, Hordak found a use for this tormented creature cloaking him in black to conceal his plague-bearing body while exposing his virulent right hand. Infectious and deadly Plaguestor now spreads pestilence instead of peace!"

Plaguestor was created from a Hordak figure, the back of Knightmare Batman's trenchcoat, Armored Batman's cape, TMNT Rat King's hat, custom sculpted mask, Funko mini Arkham Scarecrow head, Skylanders accessory claw, and other fodder parts. He was airbrushed using Testors Aztek acrylic airbrush paints and given a liquitex varnish sealer.

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