Custom Glyos System 1:18 scale Figures! Pheyden, Sarvos, etc

If you haven't already checked out Onell Design Glyos system figures do it now! They're cool little 2-inch figures with interchangeable pieces so you can build amazing designs or just have the characters chilling in your pocket. I got to thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have the characters hanging out in the Marvel/GI Joe universe too in 1:18 scale? So I 'expanded' them a bit to fit! The base body is a comic series Movie Iron man or Marvel Universe Iron Man with the Glyos system head, hands, chest, and feet. Apoxie Sculpt was used to recreated the chest armor sculpts and various GI Joe pouches/belts were added for the particular characters. Buildman was created using the STar Wars Grievous Bodyguard body and the Glyos Gendrone parts. Now each Glyos is super articulated and ready to enter the 3 3/4" universes!

I'll be making the rest of the Glyos characters and in basically the same way. Here's Pheyden, Phanost, Exellis, and Sarvos done 1:18 scale.

Hades Pheyden custom

Sarvos Red


Dark Scar Pheyden

Glyos Pheyden

Glyos Sarvos

Glyos Phanost

Glyos Exellis

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