Custom Payload as S.W.A.T. Truck, Transformers Deluxe Figure

Payload is pretty nifty with his capture-claw and detailed sculpt. However I instantly recognized his vehicle mode as the SWAT Bulldog II truck from when I was searching for SWAT colors for my first Wreckage custom! After a few minutes of searching I found the pic again and knew what had to be done... Barricade needed a partner! Payload features a bunch of removable weapon hands. The taser hand was made from a Ben 10 Stinkfly eye-blast accessory and a Bandai Rockman Ride-Armor gun accessory. The retractable ASP hand was made from one of my leftover Jazz spears, the Riot shield was a Front Mission 3 accessory, and the machine gun hand use to be Sigma 6 Firefly's gun. I made a swappable Barricade-style head for him too because some people don't like the camera-head and want more humanoid features. Payload was painted with Testors fantasy series colors and given a Krylon Matte sealed finish after I applied the rub-on letters and numbers. I'm probabaly going to make one of these for myself now, I just get a kick outta the design and that cool capture-claw feature! I know, I know, action features suck, especially when there's a two-inch plunger sticking out of Payload's back right? It's still cool, heh.