Custom Omega Supreme 'Transformers Classics'

Omega Supreme! Credit goes to ViagraPrime of Transformers World 2005 for coming up with this guy first and Redline for digibashing Menasor in the first place. I took a different spin on him and made Omega into a smelting/mining facility. He was made from a Cybertron Menasor body and Energon Landmine head. Yes I realize the head doesn't look like the G1 version that's encased in a full-face helmet. I went with a head similar to the Energon Omega Supreme that had the visor above the robot face. Didn't want to rip off ViagraPrime's OS head either, heh. he made a true G1 head without the face. The electromagnet (which works) and scrap claw were Xevoz parts and I used some various other fodder to make the cannon on the back of his head. The two arms detatch into seperate mining vehicles and lock on with powerful rare earth magnets I got from Inside Omega's chest is a smelting furnace that lights up and flickers so his lil' Minicon buddy can load Decepticon debris for smelting. Top off Omega with one of my custom paint jobs and you've got a new take on one of the biggest Autobots there is.