Custom MotUC Octopious, 7" original character action figure!

"The tides of change are upon Eternia and riding them is the mighty Octopious, ruler of the Ruby Sea! Determined to restore peace to the oceans Octopious journeyed to Castle Grayskull with good intentions, however met with ill ones from Skeletor who was in the middle of an assaulting it. Without hesitation Octopious and his Nautalitic Guards joined the battle. Inked blind by Octopious' attack, Skeletor learned that not all cephalopods were created equal, some were far mightier than others!"

An original character design of mine, Octopious is ready to take on the evils of Eternia on land or in the sea. He was created from a Funko Cthulhu minifig head, Monster High octo arm backpack, TMNT Crab Shredder hands, and a Dactus body. Airbrushed, detailed, and sealed from head to toe, this MotUC custom Octopious is a perfect addition to any He Man Classics collection!

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