Custom Marvel Legends Nova (Guardians of the Galaxy style)

When I heard the Guardians of the Galaxy may feature cameo characters from Marvel I got to thinking, who would I like to see? Nova was my first choice and here's my take on a GoG for style. For this custom Marvel Legends Nova figure I went with a mix of classic, Annihilation, and movie-esq designs for his costume using a ML Constrictor base body, the arms and lower legs of Avengers Loki, head of an Ult Spiderman Nova, and fodder fists. Extra armor ridges were sculpted on as were his chest ports. Two Street Fighter dragon-uppercut blasts were modded to fit on his smaller fists and I created a double ball jointed flight stand that's modular in nature. He was painted with Testors Model Master Acrylics and a special mix of Formula P3 gold, metallic gold pigment, and acrylic sealer for the best gold paint I've been able to use. Now Nova can rocket towards trouble and blast the bad guys into orbit!

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Marvel Nova
Marvel Legends Nova
custom marvel legends

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