Custom Raizo from Ninja Assassin Movie

"Hunted by the Ozunu Ninja clan for leaving them, Raizo is constantly in a fight for his life. From the shadows his brothers and sisters come for him. They will not stop, they will not rest, not until he is dead. But Raizo was trained by Lord Ozunu himself and knows the secrets of hiding in shadow and repairing of the flesh. With the memory of the death of his childhood love fueling his fury, nothing will stop Raizo from defeating the deadly clan of Ninja Assassins!"

Raizo was made from:

Head: ROC Storm Shadow with hair sculpt
Body: ROC Arctic Assault Storm Shadow
Lower Arms: 25th Shipwreck
Legs: Arctic Assault Snake Eyes
Feet: Wolvie Origins Weapon X

Ninja Warriors were made from:

Head: 25th Storm Shadow
Bodies: Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow
Legs: ROC Pit Commando/Sgt Flash
Arms: Arctic Assault Storm Shadow/25th Storm Shadow

Magnets were inserted so the limbs could be removable.


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