Custom Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden (Sigma 6 style figure)

Here's Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden! The Sigma 6 GI Joe animated style is popular with some people and I really like the design of the figures so I'm doing a whole line of video game characters with them. Ryu was created from a Samurai Storm Shadow body. I had to resculpt parts of his arm/leg wrappings, hands, and any other parts that had those plugs on them along with removing the metal face plate. His belt, gi and neckwrap were sculpted from Aves Fixit Sculpt as well. The coolest thing tho is he wields a stainless steel Dragon Sword! You can take this thing apart like a real katana and its tsuba, habiki, and blade all seperate. There's even the swordmaker's name in kanji scribed on the tang! I've done a Marvel legends style Ryu in the past but I absolutely love this version as he has the red arm wraps like the arcade version. He was painted entirely by hand with all the different wash/drybrush techniques I use without any airbrushing this time. Hope you like him!