Custom Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden

I've seen a few Ryu Hayabusa customs done, all awesome looking with his current X-box look, the one with the big silver headband. But I'm oldschool and can never forget what hooked me long ago on the Nintendo; the original Ninja Gaiden trilogy games. The storylines, the first use of cinema scenes, I was blown away. So to honor the original games, I give you the original Ryu!

Ryu was made from a Hasbro Ultimate Wolverine Ml figure qith Quicksilver's head. I was going to just use Wolvie's head but the eyes were too slanted and he had wrinkles! Quick's head fit right on the post and I only needed to shave it down. All of Ryu's mask, neck-wrap, and front gi portion is apoxie sculpt. I tweaked the hands and bit and split the toe to make the tabi-boot look. I really worked on the eyes and face (what you can see of it) to hopefully pay homage to the old cinema scenes where you got a closeup of his brown eyes.

But he needed weapons and 'magic Ninja arts'! The flamewheel fire art was made from wire and Sigma 6 Firefly's gauntlet flames. The blast fire art was Iron Fist's flames with more red to them. I made a Windmill star and of course, found a nice katana to serve as his legendary Dragon sword! Hope you like em.