Cobra Ninja B.A.T. GI Joe Custom Figure

You can never keep a good Ninja down, they keep going and going and... why, It's the Cobra Ninja B.A.T.! This guy has seen multiple incarnations in the Valor vs Venom line and even had a 12" figure based on him. I felt it was time for a 25th Anniv style theme and wanted to make him more, well, 'stealthy' rather than having a shiny breastplate and big metallic blue shoes. He was made with a Storm Shadow body, Assassin Droid lower arms/legs, and of course the old Ninja BAT head.

I also thought hey, it has to suck carrying around extra arms so why nit just have flip-out swords instead? I use the hinges from some Doc Ock claws and the blades from Wolverine claws to create them. Ninja Bat vers 1 is ready fort action!

Ninja B.A.T.