Custom Nemesis Marvel vs Capcom 3 Resident Evil action figure

Here's a custom Resident Evil Nemesis action figure that's sure to get your blood spilling! It took me a while but I was able to track down the open mouth Palisades variant to use. His head, wrists, and ankles were all given ball joints (neck has a double) so he can be posed in better positions. To look like the Marvel Vs Capcom 3 version his Rocket launcher was made from parts and even has a rocket blast effect you can add on. Nemesis has removable arm tendrils added to mimic his tentacle slam attack from the game. A longer grappling tentacle can be attached to his right hand to ensnare foes and Nemesis was given a complete paint job in MvC3 Nemesis colors. Now this beast is ready to find and exterminate the STARS team once and for all!

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