Custom Robotic Nazi Soldier

"With Hitler's brain now inside a robotic body the mecha-Fuhrer suddenly realized that all flesh was weak. Human beings were subject to human emotions such as fear, betrayal, and jealousy. Not so with the newly created Nazi Robots, they only did what they were programmed to do. Slowly the mechanical army began to grow and with it the deadliest threat mankind had ever known. The time of woe was upon the nations of the world and the need for heroes greater than ever!"

This figure was made from:
Body: YVH-1 Star Wars build-a-droid with modded ball joints
Body Armor: Wraith
Helmet/gun/belt: 21st Century toys German Soldier

Combined with other build-a-droid parts or Joe sections and you can have an unlimited supply of piece-together killer robots for any faction!

Robot German

Robot Nazi

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