Custom NAUTILOR, Masters of the Universe Classics action figure!

"The Eternian Oceans have always been dangerous areas to explore but now they've turned deadly with the dreaded Nautilor sailing them. After being transformed by Hordak's magic into a powerful soldier of the sea he took up piracy and raided any ship that crossed his path. Once a being is wrapped up in Nautilor's tentacles their life force can be drained and their strength added to his for a short while making him a force to be reckoned with. Nautilor now searches the Eternian Oceans for Ty-Daal-Ray in hopes of getting his revenge for their last battle that left his vessel crippled and adrift for days, adding insult to his injury."

Here's another custom original character for your Masters of the Universe Classics collection, Nautilor! He was created using a Mer-Man body, Tung Lashor hands, Clawful feet, Octavia tentacles, Dactus head with a new mouth, King Hiss helmet modded with a MU Beetle backpack for the squid top/pirate hat, and a DCU armor piece from a Red Lantern character.

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