Custom Marvel vs Capcom 2 Spiderman Figure

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. And in this case it's look bright and video game-ish! Yep, here's my Marvel vs Capcom2 Spiderman. He's made from a Snapshot Spiderman mixed with a Fearsome Foes Spiderman and a Sinister Six Spiderman all in there somewhere. I resculpted the eyes too. He's painted dark red with orange highlights, no black weblines this time. Same with the blues, I went for multiple shades for vibrant colors instead of my usual black shading. I repainted an old 5" Spiderman vs Strider web-shield accessory and made him a web-throw line from wrapping 3 strands of craft wire together. He's just a nifty Spiderman who will help complete my MvC line. Enjoy!

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