Custom King Multarmo, Masters of the Universe Classics figure

The powerful King Multarmo rules the Root Jungle deep below the forests of Eternia. There he swings from dangling roots and keeps watch high above the surface skirmishes until his aid is needed. Multarmo was created using two MOTUC Stratos body and arms, Moss Man head, hands, feet, and Mer-Man armor. The extra arms are fully functional and hinged at the ab-joint allowing for complete range of motion. King Mulatarmo can wield his powerful club or bone dagger as he swings into battle against whatever foe threatens Subternia!

[Creating a four-armed MOTUC is fairly easy using this design. First crack open the lower ab crunch, then the upper chest so you can remove the plastic bar that runs through them. Without any extra modification glue the lower abs together around the shoulder pegs. Carefully carve holes into the upper chest and snap that over the abs. The shoulder peg of the extra arms is now your ab crunch hinge and the arms retail their full articulation!]

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