Custom Steampunk DC Universe Mr. Freeze action figure

You've seen my Steampunk Marvel, well get ready for DC Comics' character re-imagined in Steampunk style! Here's Mr Freeze, one of the most notorious and dangerous characters in Batman's Rogue's Gallery. Freeze's body came from a Johan Hellboy II figure, clear head from CamcoKid Castings, and various fodder part from Spawn, Transformers, Marvel, and Terminator characters to make the gears/pistons/actuators. Real metal gears were used and part of a Spawn Desiccator backpack was used to make his freeze gun. Victor's goggles light up via a switch on his back and his backpakc/gun can be removed, his helmet removable too. I'll be doing more Steampunk DC characters each week so keep an eye out!

As with all my customs figures they're for sale each week they're created so check my front page and click on the Ebay widget to see what's available for sale.

Custom Mr Freeze

Steampunk DC figure

Steampunk Mr Freeze

Custom Steampunk figure

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