Custom TMNT2012 Metalhead action figure

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Metalhead is one awesome figure, only problem is he lacks a bit in arm articulation. I fixed this by using the upper arms of an 3 3/4" Titanium Man and the knees of a Halo Master Chief. The plug fit right in and I glued Metalhead's forearms on, also hollowing out his shoulders to make shoulderpads. Metalhead was then given magnetic attachments like his buzzsaw and blaster. A flame unit can be attached to his right hand and he now has full articulation like his Turtle creators. Metalhead was then painted to match the concept art shown at Toy Fair and given a sewer-weathered look along with some added detail tweaks. Now he was ready to sock it to the Foot Clan!

TMNT Metalhead


Metalhead 2012

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