Metal Man: GI Joe Alterverse Figure

"Our defenses can't catch a break with this new Repliod and his bladed saws slicing through them like a hot knife through butter. Dr Light has been improving our armor alloy but the technology can't come fast enough, first Cut Man and now Metal Man. Fortunately his defenses were weak to anti-aircraft shells and the barrage of plasma blasts from X. With a shriek of tearing metal he was retrating back to Cobra and Wily. Now it's time to sharpen our skills to combat the next wave."

This figure was made from:

Head: RoC Ice Viper
Body: Battle Armor Cobra Commander
Upper legs/lower arms: Wraith
Lower Legs/shoulder saws: Cobra B.A.T.
Saw Flails: Indiana Jones Titanium Jungle Cutter


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