Solid Snake 2.0 custom figure from Metal Gear

"One could go so far as to say the individual known as Solid Snake is the perfect solider on the field. But it all came at a price as Snake's genes were tampered with on a genetic level during the Les Enfantes Terribles project. He now excels at hand to hand combat, various weapons training, and vehicle skills that would put other soldiers to shame. Snake's status as an ex FOXHOUND commando drew the attention of Firefly when Cobra Commander attempted to hire him as an assassin. Though Snake turned down the offer he was still sought out by Firefly and a deadly game of spy vs spy ensued."

This figure was made from:
Head: Airborne with sculpt
Body: Gung Ho
Arms/upper vest: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Legs: Resolute Duke
Web Gear: RoC Gen Hawk


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