Custom Mephisto (Human size)

Another Mephisto! With the Diamond Select Mephisto coming out, it forced me to change my plan for an original costume 6" Mephisto. So here we have a smaller scale version of our devlish character that's done like the larger BAF Mephisto, complete with a ton of dreads and icky pointed nips...ew. But as you'll notice, he has a cape! Inside the cloak are faces and hands from various other figures, souls trapped in his cloak, muhaha! As you could of guessed the base body was a ML13 Blackheart with SMC Lizard hands, scratch-sculpted head and feet. The dreads are the same foamies rubber sheet stuff I use for everything, awesome stuff. I also unveiled him at the SDCC 2006 along with some of my other customs, so if you were at the customizer's panel, you got to see him first. Enjoy!