Transformers Dark of the Moon Menasor

My first DOTM custom is a little off the beaten track. With everyone doing combiners these days I thought I'd shake things up a bit by making something new, a combiner that doesn't combine! Wait, what? Introducing Dark of the Moon Menasor done as a standalone character. The theme for Menasor is that he's been repairing himself from different vehicles over the years from opponents (or friends) that have fallen to him in battle; hence the patchwork colors reminiscent of the G1 combiner.

He's made from the Voyager DOTM Megatron, PCC Huffer's commander head (which looked like Menasor's anyway giving me the idea) Hailstorm's chestplate, Neo Shifter sword, G1-ish Mazinger hand, Bayformer articulated Gears hands, and Tomohawk's missile pods. His waist/upper legs are actually transformed backwards so that you can see the tires on his thighs, making him look different from Megatron's mold but still giving it full articulation. I'm drawn to the rounded/oversized fists for combiners because it brings me back to the detachable pieces I had left over as a kid. Even without the Stunticons to form his body, Menasor will still rise to the challenge of battling the Autobots!

Custom Menasor

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