Custom G1 styled Dark of the Moon Megatron Transformer

This G1ish version of Megatron was made from what seems to be the most versatile mold in the DotM set, voyager Megatron. His head came from the classics deluxe 2-pack tankmegs, the fusion cannon is half WFC Meg's cannon and a GI Joe launcher, hands from a kotobukia Modeling Support Goods kit, and removable chest section from a Cybertron Red Alert. I spun his lower body around like I did with my Menasor so that the flat leg sections were inside and could be hidden in vehicle mode after being painted red.

I made him a little taller using the hip modification and added toe panels to the feet. Some extra tubing sculpt was added to the waist (or back depending how you think about it) and he was basecoated with Tamiya royal light gray spray lacquer then detailed up. Without a doubt this is my absolute favorite Megatron I've ever done and is how I'd want to see him someday on the big screen if there ever was a G1 reboot.

Transformers Megatron

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