Custom Revenge of the Fallen Megatron Figure

The Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Megatron is probably the best mold of his character to date! It has a menacingly cool headsculpt, great articulation, and an overall awesome design. A few tweaks were needed however. First the toes were removed and the treads there resculpted. Then a larger slip-on left arm was made from a Wheelie claw and Spawn Interlink arm. I also gave Megs a larger cannon using part of an Energon Megatron that slips on as well.

His eyes/mouth do in fact light up. There's an LED kit that fits into his backpack space and attaches through the back of his head using a dedicated on/off switch. Now for the kicker...Megatron is still green! I loved the green/black color scheme they gave him so much I upgraded it to a gunmetal silver with sea-blue/green metallic shading, kinda like oxidization perhaps from sitting on the bottom of the ocean for so long. That coupled with lots of scuffs, oil splatters, and other metallic colors created the perfect color scheme. Now Megatron is ready to take on Prime once and for all!


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