Custom Megatron Leader Class Transformers Movie Figure

I know, I know, you all heard me say I wasn't going to do a Leader Class Megatron repaint because everyone else was doing one. And I wasn't, until week after week I ended up with 20+ requests for him or advice on how to go about painting this beast. The fans request, I must oblige. Here's Megatron all decked out for ya! The thing you'll notice right away is that he doesn't have those pods on his arms. The pod on his right arm detaches but you still need to mod the claw so the chain-whip is removable. I did this with a lobster-clasp jewelry clip. The left arm pod comes off above the joint but I still wanted that L-piece off so I took his arm apart and modded it so the whole deal comes off like the right arm. They both snap right back on when he needs to fly around in jet-mode.

Now the head, ahh, another mod. I constructed a new removable neck for him that snaps into the square plug right above his chest, the part where originally the t-plug under his head would go when you fold him up. But thatís not there anymore courtesy of Mr X-acto knife and now the hole under his head accommodates the new ball-joint neck! This makes megs look a little taller and less squat, giving him the ability to look around in all directions. His paint job was simple yet tedious. Step 1, give him a total black basecoat. Step 2, spend 2 hours drybrushing Testors aluminum on everything. Step 3, highlight with Armored Steel and realize when it dries itís the same color as the aluminum. Curse repeatedly (optional step) Step 4, use a Citadel flesh wash that just so happens to turn silver into a copperish-gold color and detail every little thing according to the pic of Megs in the Transformers calendar. Then go back and blackline various parts, take the head apart and repaint the inner eyes red with the silver lines across them, done. Whew!

I lied, not done! I altered the Fusion Cannon from the Robot Replicas Megatron and turned it into this Megatron's start-up fusion cannon since it's so freaking big for that little figure. Looks better than the spring-out one he came with in my opinion. Also I added an LED system inside the head so his eyes glow a bright red when you press the switch. Batteries can be replaced too, all packaged up inside his noggin.