Custom Megatron Generations Animated style Transformers figure

Here's a cross between a Generations look and the Animated Transformers look for Megatron using the twin-propeller helicoptor form. The head is from a 2-pack Deluxe tank-Megatron, body from DOTM Skyhammer, prop engine joints from a megablocks Halo figure, and rotors from two of those PCC Searchlights. I modded a DOTM Jolt mech-tech weapon to fit under the helicopter folded up and extend to full size for Megatron's cannon. The props unplug and fit behind his shoulders or the blade attach on his forearms in robot mode. I hard-edge-highlighted everything to add detail and gave him some shoulder plugs to simulate Animated Megatron's design even more. His chest rotor was removed and the inner post locked in place so the Decepticon symbol (Meantime chest) I added stayed vertical even when you turned the chest to transform. A figma stand makes a perfect flight base and Megatron is ready to take to the skies and rain fire down on some autobots.

Custom Megatron Figure

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