Custom 'de-iced' Megatron Transformers figure

Megatron here use to be that iced-up Voyager figure. To remove the ice you have to unscrew the lower legs. Unscrew the chest and take apart the action feature, then cut just the front ice shield off (hardest part). After that the shoulders are easy, all you do is unscrew them from the back and plug the holes. I replaced the chest portion with a chunk of Robot Replica Megatron's chest. It's about the same size and styled right. The lower legs I resculpted and the shoulders were just filled. His claws bugged me tho so off they went! I replaced them with claws from the Gevious wheel bike and a finger from the old claws so they attach with rare-earth magnets even opening and closing. The front of the ship needed new posts since the old claws were gone so I swiped some Gundam parts for that. Now comes the hard part, the ice-wings of the jet! I sanded down the old wings, cut them, then sculped over with Apoxie sculpt. After that I added different layers of panelling like the leader class had.

His paint job is a basecoat black, drybrushed mithril silver, wash of steel, gunmetal detailing, washed parts of black, then highlights of argent silver and the dark gold detailing for the final step. Later I went back and gave him scuff-steaks all over since he's been in battles for quite a while. I also retooled the lightpipe eyes to glow red now as well. For my EBay auction I included a magnetic-rip-apart Robot Heroes Jazz as a bonus, lol! Jazz got the complete repaint, as detailed as you can do to a RH figure, and then cut in half with rare-earth magnets to hold him together. Check out his X'd eyes and little tongue hanging out. Being dead was never so cute!