Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Megatron!

"All hail....MEGATRON..."

Transformers Dark of the Moon Megatron needed some serious upgrades out of the box so I rolled up my sleeves and hit the workbench for this one. First there's the new head and chest both from the voyager RotF Megatron. I sculpted the inner damaged sections of the head and custom fit the chest with magnets so it's removable. Metal chains were added to suit the look of Megatron onscreen as well. His hands were build from scrap fodder parts like Spawn Interlink and Doc Ock claws and the new forearms came from different parts as well.

Megatron's hips have been modded to give him more height, spikes added to the grille and roof of the cab, and extra tires to the outside of the foot. Hoses and wires were then added in different sections and don't interfere with transformation.

Megatron's cloak-tarp was tailored from an all cotton linen weave bought at Jo Ann's crafts and tie down straps were added after giving it a good weathering with different shades and splatters. A dip into water allowed it to hang on his robot mode and then when dry I used a mixture of water and clear sealant to get it to stay that way. The weathering the entire vehicle/robot modes were hand painted and given airbrushed, splatter effect, and line-detail rust along with various metallics before a sealer coat was added. Megatron's shotgun was made from a Gears of War gnasher with extra parts, a new handle, and hoses added.

"Igor", Meg's hunchback minion was created from a RotF Long Haul head with fodder parts, Neo-shifter mini robot legs, and various hoses/cables. He's poseable and even has a tongue! Whew, this was one involved custom! Now Megatron is ready to lead the Decepticons against Optimus Prime and his team of Autobots just like on the big screen!

Megatron Transformers

Megatron Transformers

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