Custom Megatron: Transformers Classics 'G1' style

Megatron from the Transformers Classics series was a cool design, he was just painted like a Nerf Gun and stole Gene Simmon's eyebrows. Well a quick repainting later and now he's much closer to his G1 color scheme! I broke the scope apart, which was a daunting task at first, and installed a light-up unit inside where you press down on the top scope dial to activate it. There's a magnifier at the front I added that really produces a great round 'targeter' effect too. His wings were removed by carving a groove across his buttocks and pulling out the whole trigger/wing assembly. Later I took apart his head and removed the green light-pipe eyes (see last pic), mixing up some clear epoxy with red dye and refilled em. You can also repaint over the green eyes with 3 coats of Tamiya clear red, that seems to work if you don't want the mess of epoxy. Now Megatron is ready to take on those Autobots in style!

Remember that original silver Megatron? Well this is my take on him decked out in shiny silver, black, and red colors. I installed a more focused LED system with an easier way to get to the internals/battery, you just unscrew the scope at the side. This required me to cut through the front and back dials but in the end worked much better! Same eyes and I replaced the orange barrel tip on his shoulder with a better one.

And in case you were wondering how to remove the wings, just dremel or carve a groove across his rear and yank the pin out while it's still attached to the trigger, don't tap it out. This way you can securely snap the wings on when it's time for gun-mode, yay!