Custom Megaman-X GI Joe Figure

"Dr. Light's arrival was set on a grand scale, his entire factory appearing from a crackling ball of timeshifting energy. Shortly after Rock introduced us to the good Doctor who told us of Wiley's evil plans. With the forces of Cobra and Wiley combined now, Rock needed an upgrade to take them on. Deep within the factory lie Dr Light's Upgrade Chamber which was just what Rock needed. Taking hold of advanced technology and Reploid armor, Rock became 'X', the powered up soldier of the future! "

This figure was made from:

Head: Broken Arrow Toys headsculpt
Body: Snake Eyes
Lower arms: Matt Trakker
Helmet: Star Wars Naboo flight crew
Vest: Wraith
Upper legs: Cobra Commander
Lower Legs: Revoltech GR-2
Arm Cannon: Sigma 6 Crime Boss Destro grenade
Upgrade Chamber: MAP-01 Fiana with Capsule


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