Kotobukiya's Full Action Megaman/Rockman Kit Assembled

Here he is, the Blue Bomber himself! It's Rockman, better known as Megaman in the states. This is the assembled Kotobukiya 1/10 scale full action plastic kit. It came much like Gundam kits do, on plastic sprues. To get rid of the seams I had to drip a thin line of superglue over them and sand them with 350-->400-->600 and finally-->800 grit sandpaper. After that I buffed the plastic back to a shine with a soft cotton sock. That took a long time! Painting was fairly easy, stick all the pieces using blu-tak on the end of bamboo BBQ skewers and spray paint the pieces according. Use Tamiya [For Plastics] lacquers as they fully cure overnight and look great! Their Brilliant Blue and metallic Blues are perfect. I also added magnets in the hands and feet using the small disc ones from Gaussboys.com. This allows Megaman to hold his E-tank, hang/stand on metal surfaces.

Protoman joins Megaman's team now! He's basically the same as Megaman but with new head, arm, scarf, shield, etc. Assembled and painted the same way.


Mega Man




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