Custom Blue Bomber (Megaman) GI Joe Action Figure

"With all the crazy things happening recently such as time-traveling engineers and undead Nazi scientists, we were prepared when this unknown individual came tumbling through the experimental temporal aperture that Warzone created in an attempt to contact his own timeline. Good spirited and calling himself 'Rock' this new recruit appeared to be a normal human...that is until his first mission where he warped in on a beam of light and his arm turned into a cannon capable of blowing a hole through a Cobra Rattler. Whatever he is, Rock just made it from soldier to human tank, that's quite a promotion!"

This figure was made from:

Head: Janek Sunber, Star Wars Walmart 2-pack
Body: Snake Eyes
Lower arms/lower legs: Airborne
Hands: Firefly
Vest: Zartan
Helmet: 5-pack Resolute Duke
Arm Cannon: Transformers Titanium Fallen right thigh



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