Custom Marvel Legends Megaman (Rockman) Figure

Dark are the foretold days of Future Past, where giant robots roam desolate city ruins once home to a sprawling populace. But this future is not yet set and a hero arrives in a beam of light to make sure it never comes to pass! Megaman is here to save the day as an alternate-reality character set in the Marvel Comics universe.

Megaman was made from an Iron Man Armored Avenger Titanium Man body, DC Direct Flashpoint Cyborg lower arms/legs, play arts Cloud Strife face with a custom sculpted helmet. His Mega Buster blast came from some accessory and the elec-shield was from a FF4 movie Dr Doom. They're magnetic and can be attached to the end of his Megabuster. I wanted to make a completely different design of Megaman but still keep him easily recognizable, paying homage to the original design. Here's hoping I did the blue bomber proud. He's based on the original Megaman, not X....for he will be made later.

Megaman Marvel Legends

Custom Rockman

Custom megaman

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