Custom Deadpool Mecha

With the new Iron Man 2 movie in production Deadpool thought it would be a good idea to cash in on the hype and get himself his own robotic suit. Made from the salvaged parts of the Iron Monger, stolen Stark technology, and Weasel's own brand of tech-savvy, Deadpool is ready to join the ranks of armored heroes! "Mechapool" here was created from an Iron Monger opening-cockpit figure, the right forearm modded with the Rise of Cobra 'Doctor Rex's claw accessory, articulated feet from an Armored Core Koto figure, and some Koto Modeling Support Goods spikes. The massive back cannon came from the light-n-sound 12" Hasbro Iron man and RoC's Heavy Duty's chain gun attaches to the left arm.

Getting IM hollowed out took some time. First the waist had to be cracked open, then the front part of the chest removed and the head/neck hollowed out. There's screws holding him together but you can't get to them without prying the back plate off. Once he's apart then it took sawing and dremelling out everything but the struts on the sides that hold the arms in. Still, Deadpool won't fit inside the little space. What to do? Heat and pop his legs off and grind down the post flanges a bit so the legs are now removable. He now fits perfectly inside and the legs pop right back on when needed. You could even pop him apart at the chest joint and glue a post inside the cockpit to lock him on to if you wanted.

Deadpool Mecha

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