Custom Real Gear 'Mean Time' Transformers Figure

Those Real Gear Transformers are pretty cool and you've already seen my Laserbeak Custom. Now I present to you Meantime, turned into a real working watch! This is a medium-difficulty mod. Instead of trying to replace the inner screen (it's much too thin anyway to house watch components) I simply removed Meanie's watch face and replaced it with a real watch! You could use just about any watch, thinner is better and one you can Dremel off the tabs that connect to the original watch band will work best. From there you'll have to unscrew the back and take Meantime apart, poppin the front panel apart so you only have the backing attached to the metal pin inside. Carve that down and glue it to the back of the watch face you chose. Presto chang-o, instant working Meantime! Unfortunately all the Real Gear figures are scaled for kids meaning it Meantime may not fit around your wrist. To get around that, take a stretchy hair tie or rubberband and loop it through the two holes at the end of one strap, then loop the free ends around the ballposts.

Below are all the different versions I've made so far starting with the newest.

Yay, it's Rumble! The Meantime mold just screams Rumble/Frenzy (actually I thought he was painted to resemble Frenzy in the first place) so I did my newest Meantime up in Rumble red and black. I added the magnetic backpack cannons made of random fodder and detailed his chest with the gold-tech-design like the G1 character had.