Custom McFarlane Venom Figure

Here's a new Venom I've done to mimic the McFarlane style! He was made from a DCSH Bizarro body (and head for the alt Eddie head) Sinister Six Venom head that was totally resculpted except for the teeth, Spawn right hand, and the hand from that Symbiote Slime Base that came with the SMC Venom. The spider symbols and the patches on the back of his hands were all sculpted on this time instead of just painted on, giving him a neat 3D look! The alt head was easy to make, it's just the original Bizarro head with black Apoxie Sculpt around it making it look like the Venom mask is crawling over Eddie Brock's head to form the face.

His wire webline is easy to make too, Just take some craft wire (like for making jewlrey) and twist two strands together. Then take a longer third strand and wrap that around the first two, alternating between tight coils and loose ones. I soldered the ends and beads in the middle, but you can just crimp the edges with some pliers. Poof, instant webbing and it's poseable!