Custom 'Museum of Humanity' Master Chief Display

Here he is, Master Chief decked out with all the fixings! The display case is suppose to mimic something out of the 'Museum of Humanity' in the Halo 3 ads. It's a Battlestar Galactica Titanium case with two spotlight LEDs installed in the corner supports so it shines two blue beams up at an angle. There's a permanent on/off switch installed underneath so it stays on for as long as you want it too.

Master Chief was completely repainted from head to toe in different military and metallic green shades/highlights. I made a new left hand so he could dual-wield his custom UNSC Magnums and the scratch-built Energy Sword! That sword is wicked sharp and it took me a while to do the swirly blue gloss work and electrical detailing on both sides. Since the series 2 Arbiter comes with an official transparent energy sword I took 'artistic liberties' with this one, making it thicker and angular. It was worth it in the end because now Master Chief looks like something out of legend.

Custom Master Chief