Custom Mark V Master Chief, Halo Reach style

Here's Master Chief in mark V armor, Halo Reach style! The body is from a regular Noble Six, head from the Mongoose Mark V 2pack and was easily attached by replacing the ball post with a yellowsub double-joint ball post. I didn't want to cheap out and have the limbs look the same as every other Reach spartan so I reworked the knees, added the knee pads, toe plates, and hands from a Series 8 Halo 2 MC, as well as giving the X-bolt hole designs on the arch plates.

The backpack over-shoulder ports were changed as well as the shoulder pauldrons coming from the series 8 Master Chief. The Reach figures' range of movement wasn't that great so I modded MC at the elbows, hips, knees, and the head which now sits on a double ball-joint so he can look in any direction. Finally to set him apart from the rest I painted him head to toe in golden-tinted olive-green and gave him the 117 designation. Master Chief is ready to take on the Covenant for the first time!

Master Chief Mark V

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