Custom Halo 3 Master Chief Action figure

Halo 3 is out! Go! Run to your videogame store! Ok, now that you're back check out Master Chief here. He was made from a Sigma 6 Strike Duke, Joyride's Master Chief Halo2 head (with some resculpting) and Fixit/Apoxie Sculpt Spartan armor. Duke's gun looks surprisingly like the Halo 3 pistol... in fact Sigma Strike Duke himself looks surprisingly like MasterChief, so much that I decided to use him as the base! The rifle is from a Bishop ML figure and the Energy Sword is the new Halo3 Keychain Energy Sword until I can carve one out of clear plastic like I do for everything these days, heh. He was painted with Panzer Armor green, given some green highlights, gunmetal inner sections with a black wash, and then shading was airbrushed on. Now that's a Master Chief I don't mind seeing over and over again!

New weapons and accessories have been added. I created the Warthog Cannon from a Cy-Com gatling gun and side panels from a MARS vehicle. His large rifle shoots a missle and was once a Sigma 6 gun that came with the Iron Grenadier. MC has a Plasma Grenade as well! It attaches to the back of his helmet magnetically for seconds of run-in-circles-screaming fun! And to top it off you have the 8"x10" desert diorama battle-base complete with real sand, rocks, shrubbery, and a fallen UNSCOF Marine Helmet with battle damage.

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