Custom Manhunter/Jevax-01 Sinestro Corps Figure

Sinestro Corps Manhunters have small yellow Power Batteries inside them and after one was 'upgraded' with a sentient mind it was also given a yellow Power Ring. Now it is capable of self-recharging its ring and induces fear throughout the sectors. Jevax-01 was the mind behind it, or rather the program behind it. This cyborg can tap in to any programmable machine and 'download' its consciousness to make alterations on the fly. It's said that Jevax was written by Braniac himself but that could just be the android's ego talking."

This yellow Lantern Corps member was made from a Sinestro Corps Batman with Manhunter lower arms and lower legs. The head/collar is removable and you can attach Jevax's radio-dish type plates to his shoulder underneath via magnets. His construct armor attaches to his forearms the same way. Jevax's head came from an Eon Kid figure and the weapons were made from various clear acrylic sections.

Custom Sinestro Corps

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