Custom MOTUC scale Manglord figure from the vintage 'Manglors' line

When Hordak discovered a race of beings capable of recombining their DNA at will he knew the applications would be endless if he could capture one. But what he didn't know was how hard that would be! Manglord doesn't take kindly to those who trespass upon Manglor Mountain and with his indestructible form easily thwarted Hordak and his minions in battle. Whether he was crushed, pummeled, or even had a limb sliced clean off, Manglord reformed to his original powerful state and continued to fight!

If you remember Manglors they were sticky one-piece figures made from Sorbothane that came in eggs. Supposedly you could rip them apart and stick them back together, unfortunately that didn't work and the toy line disappeared. Well here's the ruler of Manglor Mountain, Manglord himself created in MOTUC 7" scale. He was made from a basic MOTUC body, NECA Prometheus Engineer head, Slushhead lower arms, and sculpted petal detail. He was given an extremely detailed swampy paint job using all sorts of dripping and splatter effects. A large 8" easter egg provided the Prehi-storage egg after being textured and painted up all realistic like and his swamp scum was made from wire and hot glue drips.

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