Custom Mandible-Man Masters of the Universe Classics 7" action figure

With Buzz-Off patrolling the skies there's always trouble on the ground and that's precisely where Mandible Man comes in. Aiding his Andreenid friend in battle with his incredible strength, Mandible man can also chew through even the toughest of armor using his mandibles. His glossy armored carapace is naturally resistant to attacks making him the perfect warrior to charge through a squadron of Horde Troopers or even chew at Snake Mountain's front door!

Mandible Man is based on a concept art sketch from the Power and Honor Foundation Catalog #1, appearing as some sort of beetle character. Here he was created in Classics form using a Tung-Lashor body, Buzz-off lower arms/upper legs, TMNT Cockroach Terminator modded back shell, and a custom sculpted head. The base of the head is actually Tung-Lashor's with the horns coming out of his eye sockets. Posable mandibles came from a McFarlane flood Stalker. He was given a glossy coat for his beetle shell and features dark red highlights to it.

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