Custom Magneto (Marvel vs Capcom 2)

Here's Magneto done in his Marvel vs Capcom2 style which is essentially Jim Lee's art. He was made from a DC Universe Superman Red body and older Supes cape. The helmet is a retooled ML3 Magneto helmet and the open hands are from a SOTA SF Gen. The chest, glove, belt, and boot sections were all sculpted with Aves Fixit Sculpt.

His Magnetic Tempest attack was created by taking two acrylic Christmas stars and affixing them to posts that inserted into the wrists. Then I hacked up 4 GI Joe bases and gave them a paint job to look like shredded metal, gluing those on. Now it looks like an explosion of shrapnel metal about to launch from his fists!


Here's the very first Magneto with Magnetic Tempest attack that I did using the old wide-legged DC Superheroes Superman.


Magneto's Magnetic Tempest attack was made from lumps of Fixit Sculpt with screws in them so they would attach in place of his hands. The little metal shards are made from two chopped up ML Silver Surfer boards pushed into the FixitSculpt, along with other various pieces. Twistie ties extend tp hold the cerebro mask, twisted rifle, Ultron head, and various other metallic items that Magneto is using for the attack.

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