Custom MvC2 Magneto

It's Magneto (again, hah!) in his Marvel vs Capcom2 style which is Jim Lee's art slightly animated. He was made from a new DC Superheroes Superman body and cape. The helmet is a retooled ML3 Magneto helmet and the open hands are from a SOTA SF Gen figure. See the little fork on the front of the helmet? That's made from Aves Fixit Sculpt, it's so hard you can't break it off! The chest, glove, belt, and boot sections were all sculpted with Fixit Sculpt too. Same as my SDCC Magneto right? Well.. except this one is COMPLETLY airbrushed, right down to the face. All the shading, highlights, base coat, everything.

His Magnetic Destruction base was made from all sorts of things from Sentinel pieces (both ML and Matrix, heh) to Front Mission 3 mech parts. Enjoy!