Magnetic joints/parts 101: The easy way!

This is a COOL feature you can do to all sorts of figures. Just like Hangar Attack Anakin's removable arm, you too can pull this off with a little practice! Now, what will you need?

--A package of rare-earth magnets. You can buy these dirt-cheap from your local Radio-Shack, and they sell these all the time. The magnents are about 1/4 of an inch, tiny suckers. But stick them to your refrigerator, they're not coming off without the use of pliers! Powerful...

--Your dremel tool.
--A flat-tipped-cylinder drill bit, usually a "router" bit. The top of the bit will be flat and scored with cutting edges.

Ok, first cut the part dead even as if you were going to put a twisty-joint in. CAREFULLY start to gouge out the plastic in the very middle with your router bit. What you're trying to do is make a flat crater for the magnent to sit in, perfectly flush with the flat of the joint. Go slowly, drop the magnent in, test it, see if it's flat, shave a little more out, test it, until you're statisfied you've made a big enough hole that's just the perfect depth. Plastic is soft, so you'll get a nice tight fit for the magnet

Now, take two of those rare-earth magnents and seperate them, REMEMBERING WHAT SIDE STICKS TO WHAT! You glue them backwards, and you're going to end up having a "fist-launching" Luke Skywalker because the two magnents will repel each other.
Yes, I've done this before... it sucks, and you have to gouge the magnent out. Drip a bit of superglue in the hole, and push the magnent into place, taking care not to adhere your finger to it.

Now repeat this proccess to the other side, and use the other magnent. I use 2 magnents because it makes a WAY stronger bond that if you use a magnent and a piece of metal like Hasbro does in their Star Wars figures.

If you've done the steps correctly, you now have a hand/arm/head/whatever that spins, and is removable. Make a Wolverine with removable heads, or make a variety of different hands/weapons that snap onto Iron Man's arm. The possibilities are ENDLESS. Have fun!