Custom Alien vs Predator Arcade

Ready for more Alien vs Predator Arcade action? Here's a custom Mad Predator figure ready to dish out some, uh, madness! In the game a Predator warrior was 'infected' with an Alien embryo and driven mad so he attacked your characters. Here I've recreated him using the standard beefed up Deluxe Impact Wrestling body jointed with parts from NECA's Predator figure line. The head came from a Shaman predator with with mouth parts and dreads modded, the rest from any of the Jungle Hunter Predator figures grafted on to the wrestling body. Also included is a masked head (tho never shown in the game) I wanted to give him something extra since he didn't use any weapons or special moves. Mad Predator was given a light blue/grey paint job just like the game sprite and is ready to take out anything in his path!

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