Custom Original Character 'Machine Head'

Who or what is Machine Head? Garbed in a black bodysuit with metal protruding bits and a red neck wrap, this helmeted mystery 'man' stalks the streets. That's all you get so far! This prototype figure was made from a Kronen face mask, Havok body, XMC Angel lower arms and legs, and a cloak part from a LotR figure. I'm definatly aiming for a Bandai S.I.C. look/feel for his character so who knows where that may lead. Week after week I get emails from fans asking for me to create original characters so here you are, the first of many. I also used about every shade of metallic paint I had, including shaded washes of each kind too, phew.

Machine Head

Machine Head's 'beserk mode' is done! It's made from something out of every figure line I had including Transformers, GI Joe, X-men, Batman, Star Wars, Halo, and more. This is a perfect example of customizing where you can use anything to create your own unique character, even if you don't have sculpting skills in designing things from scratch! Just use your imagination and whatever you have on hand.